The Properties

Let’s see why these Villas are unique

Spacious rooms that accommodate two king size beds and still remain with a space for a big table and a wardrobe. But each room has been equipped with perfect beds and high density mattress to ensure that you have a comfortable sleep. The floors are wooden or tiled so you can choose the villa that has a floor of your choice. To ensure that you are always at the perfect track, visit the villa first before buying to prove that it has the features that you want.


Fully furnished, well equipped and ready to live in. A well equipped kitchen with a microwave, electric gas cooker, coffee maker and a blending machine is available to ensure that you can prepare any meal of your choice any time that you want. It also has the best kitchen design with high quality storage cabinets. Every sitting room has a seven seat leather sofa to ensure that you don’t buy anything when moving in. There is a garage and an ample parking space where you can do your things privately. A standby generator and underground water tank to ensure that you are always ready for any shortage of mentioned things. Every villa stands alone with its own compound that your kids can play. A swimming pool at the backyard has been created on every villa to ensure that you can become aquatic any time you feel like.