3 amazing beaches you didn’t know New York had

#1. Lake Superior


This is not a place just like the others. It is deep in the valley of a red land where the water falls from a desert like land to the main river. At its shores, there is a complete red soil like thing that people can sit and watch the water falls. Far beyond, a green compound thrills the attractive aspect of the land making the place to appear like a paradise. This is one the beaches that have real gone un noticed and people who go there pride themselves through the beautiful pictures that they take.

#2. Grand Lake


Well if you are looking for a place where you won’t believe even after seeing it live, this is the place to be. It has the oldest trees surrounding the shores making them to offer shades. White sand and the blue waters gives a perfect and spellbinding environment that creates the desire for people to stay there all day without getting bored. Just ensure that you visit during the summer time and you will be happy. This is where you can see the desperate mountains as the sun is going to sleep.

#3. Lake Michigan


This is another paradise that many don’t know. People see it local and small but it has all the perfect features to offer luxury. You have the best way to ensure that you enjoy because there are lots of activities to do here. The sleeping beer that you have never ever seen is found here and if you want to see Dolphins, this is the place to visit.